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Primis office


It contains:

Balconies, Terraces, over floor tiles, Flooring with light pedestrian traffic, Stairs, Stadiums, Stands…etc

Kind Material used:

  • 1. Polyurethane (Cold Roofing applied by Airless Spray, Roller or Brush)
  • 2. Polyurea (Hot terasse Applied by special machines)
  • 3. 2-Component Acrylic Cement Base (Cold Roofing applied by Airless Spray, Roller or Brush)
  • 4. Sealkote777 ( Solvent Based material)

What kind of surfaces we can apply the terasse on?

  • 1. Concrete
  • 2. Ceramic , Terrazzo, Marble Tiles, Plastics
  • 3.Refurbishment of old Roofing
  • 4.Polyurethane Foam or Polystyrene
  • 5. Polished concrete, non-porous, worn out concrete
  • 6. Surfaces previously treated with epoxy/acrylic
  • 7. Walkways, Driveway…etc

Companies that provide Echo with the above Systems:

  • Krypton Chemical / Rayston
  • Local Companies

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