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Polyurethane vs Polyurea vs Epoxy




Forms a weak bond when applied

Polyurea forms a very strong

Epoxy forms a very strong bond

directly to concrete. Usually used

bond to concrete

to concrete

as a top coat with an epoxy based


Has been in use for 20+ years

Has been in use for 30+ years

Has been in use for 65 years

Must be top coated every 4-7

Lasts indefinitely if applied

High quality Epoxies last


properly, even in challenging

indefinitely if applied properly in


the right environment

Polyurethane has elongation

Polyurea has elongation

Cures to a very hard surface –

properties similar to polyurea

properties more than 50 times

Epoxy cannot handle expanding

that of epoxy – making it highly

and contracting concrete found

resistant to cracking


Works well indoors and outdoors

Polyurea works well outdoors as

Not recommended for outdoor

well as indoors. Installations can

use. Epoxy cannot handle the

be done in very challenging

constantly fluctuating state of

environments and perform well

outdoor concrete.

Can be installed in temperatures

Polyurea flooring products can be

Epoxy can only be properly

ranging from -6 - 43C

installed in temperatures ranging

installed in temperatures above

from -29 to 55C


Installs and cures in 2 – 4 days

Installs and cures in one day

Installs and cures in 6 -8 days

Moderately susceptible to hot tire

Polyurea is highly resistant to hot

Properly installed industrial

pick up

tire pick up

grade epoxy is highly resistant to

hot tire pick up

Generates strong odors when

Generates almost no odors when

Generates strong odors when




Highly resistant to oils and most

Highly resistant to oils and most

Industrial grade Epoxies (Not


contaminants- just wipe up spills.

store box epoxies) are very oil

No trace is left

and chemical resistant

More resistant to fading than

Polyurea is 100% UV resistant, so

Industrial grade epoxies do not


it will not fade

fade overtime

Retains traction when wet

Retains traction when wet

Properly installed epoxies retain

traction when wet

Moderate VOC Levels

Green Product – most forms of

Industrial grade epoxies have

Polyurea have zero or extremely

Low VOCs

low VOCs

Many color options

Many color options

Many color options

Can be used as a single surface

Is able to coat walls and floors as

Epoxy can be used as a single

coating between floors and walls

one surface, which prevents

surface coating between floors

bacteria growth in wall cavities

and walls

and makes cleaning much easier

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