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Found in 2007 with one clear ambition; to revolutionize the construction industry through the provision of latest technology.

Since its inception has worked in partnership with leading companies in the construction and chemical industry to formulate, develop and manufacture an essential range of floor coatings, waterproofing materials and coatings , fire-stopping materials and paints.

Focuses not only on finding the right product for the customer’s particular requirement , but also solutions for other applications enabling them to expand into new areas of business themselves.

Our target is:


  • -A journey that begins with commitment to quality and innovation
  • -To deliver projects on time, every time
  • -Complex Formulations to safeguard your assets
  • -Engineering Solutions to manage onsite challenges
  • - New Technologies

Echo Construction Chemicals is the Sole Distributor of the following Companies:
Peter Hart

Construction Manager

Betty Lane

Project Manager

Richard Pierce

Architect Electric

Janice Rose

Construction Engineer

We’ve Completed More Than 100+ project for our amazing clients, if you interested?

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